Friday, August 12, 2016

Simple Chore Checks for Kids

We start up school in just 10 days. With that comes a need for better organization and more family teamwork when it comes to getting all.the.stuff done around the house. I wanted to use a method that would allow the kids to be responsible for their chores without using up another wall space in my great room (my living room, dining room, kitchen and entry way are all one big room) and without me nagging them all.the.time.

My kids are ages seven, four and two and there are chores and personal hygiene responsibilities that they can take care of own their own (the two year old with assistance).  Ren, the 7 year old, has brushing his teeth twice a day, making his bed, putting his dirty laundry in the basket and clean laundry away, a 10 minute toy pick-up, feeding our chickens and gathering eggs. He also has 3 Mom's Choice chores that will include: wiping down the bathroom, vacuuming the carpets and helping with the dishes.

Sam is four,  his responsibilities are: brushing his teeth twice a day, making his bed,  a 10 minute toy pick-up, putting his dirty laundry in the basket and clean laundry away  and feeding Austin. He also has two Mom's Choice chores that will include: gathering the bathroom trash, setting and clearing the table, dusting and window washing.

Alexandria is two and while there are no chores she is able to do independently just yet; I did not want her to feel left out.  She has brushing her teeth twice a day, picking up toys and one Mom's choice which will include dusting and putting away the clean kids dishes. 

I bought a fabulous multi-color pack of felt squares from Target and thought that making a simple two pocket magnet pouch that we could hang on the fridge would keep these Chore Checks at their reach without taking up a lot of space. Each of the kids picked out their own color combinations and I just happened to have corresponding thread, craft sticks and lots of sharpies to complete this project.
I folded one of the felt squares down and sewed it to the other felt square.  I attached magnetic tape to  the four back corners of the square and added the craft sticks with their chore/responsibility. One pocket holds the Chore Checks that need to be accomplished and when they are done they can move them to the other pocket. Having two pockets enables me to just glance at the fridge to see if they have completed their Checks for the day before screen time or other extra activities.

Do you have chores for your kids to do daily? I would love to hear how you keep them responsible for their day!

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